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I’m a supermassive fan of MUSE and Die Mannschaft. I worship Matt Bellamy & Miroslav Klose. I adore Manuel Neuer, Mesut Özil & Marco Reus. My current German obsession is Sebastian Vettel and current Brit obsession is Alex Turner. I’m a Malaysian. Studied chemical engineering. Now working as production planner at Petronas MLNG.
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Ted Mosby could be the guy in the Absolution’s artwork. 

i have been watching Arctic Monkeys Live performances on Youtube on ends!!!!! they are phenomenal!!!! all the songs are so so enjoyable listening live. like all.the.songs !!! i never thought that Mardy Bum would be that beautiful when played slow. and 505. 505 should close each of their setlist. and IBYLGOTDF is timeless. hands down. and Alex Turner. i fell in love with him over and over and over and over and over and time and time and time and time again with each song that he plays. no he doesn’t have that liquid of a movement when playing guitar like Matt Bellamy does ever so fluently but… he has that very charm, he is like a prince to all of his songs !!! like how Matt Bellamy is king to all of his solos and riffs !!! but damn these 2 are my most favourite rockstars of all time. how i wish they come and play here more often :(


As part of my friends university project she needs to get 100,00 watches on a video, she got her brother to play this muse piano compilation and i was just wondering if you could share it? It’s pretty incredible.
Thank you!

cool giler!!!

Wasted one song to a vampire movie.
Wasted another song to a zombie movie.

And Dominic Howard held the mic and not a single f*** was given.

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Destined For Greatness, But Never Dressed For It

Can any kind Musers answer on the below:

1. is it just me or is the sound while they were recording in the DVD much much better/satisfying than the recorded songs in the CD. why and how?

2. when importing the songs from the cd into iTunes, does the sound differ for different format, AAC, mp3 etc. if it does, which format gives the best listening experience sound-wise. since we are talking about Muse, the sound IS that important.

Thank you for your kindness. Here is the blonde-kind-and-leathery person for y’all.



The Making of…The Second Law.


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