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I’m a supermassive fan of MUSE and Die Mannschaft. I worship Matt Bellamy & Miroslav Klose. I adore Manuel Neuer, Mesut Özil & Marco Reus. My current German obsession is Sebastian Vettel and current Brit obsession is Alex Turner. I’m a Malaysian. Studied chemical engineering. Now working as production planner at Petronas MLNG.


The 18 Captains of the Bundesliga

  • Reporter: Why didn't you bring your wife Lisa with you to Brazil?
  • Thomas Müller: Well, she's not a purse that I just can bring with me. She's a woman with her own will, she wants to do her own thing.

Anonymous asked: Can I request a Schweinsteiger (in Germany shirt) + soundtrack

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Take me back

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What Marco thought during his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge